Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm Back!!

If there was an award for the least consistent blogger, I would certainly qualify for entry (if such an award does exist, please don't enter me. It will only give me an excuse to neglect my poor blog further!). I'm hoping that when I share with you the projects I have been occupied with, those of you who read this blog will forgive my inconsistency :)

For my Blushing Dove Boutique Etsy shop I have been creating (and *cough* modelling) some hair bows:

For my Teacup Teddies Etsy shop I have created this lil' critter:

And I've also been busy setting up my third and final (honest) Etsy shop, Amy Lilley. This shop will hopefully soon be filled with lots of BJD clothes and accessories *crosses fingers*

I've also been doing a few swaps lately (I love swaps). I made this little puppy for a lovely friend in the USA:

She's sending me some Re Ment goodies, some BJD wigs, and some Tokidoki unicorns!! I'm so so excited!! I'm making her a bunny too. Hopefully I can show her off here when she is finally finished XD

I'm going to try to blog more now. I'd love to hear from you all and look forward to reading your comments.

Amy xxx