Thursday, 17 February 2011

Allow me to Introduce Clara's Closet Bags!

This is my first ever shop feature, and I cannot think of a lovlier Etsy seller to feature than Sallianne Norelli! She and I met through Etsy-she is the first ever adoptive parent of a Teacup Teddy!

Sallianne Norelli and her mom, MaryAnn started Clara's Closet Handbags in the summer of 2010 as a tribute to Clara, MaryAnn's mother and Sallianne's grandmother. Clara had been a lifelong crafter and everyone in the family prized her creations. When Clara, whose Alzheimer's and kidney failure got the best of her in later years, finally passed away in 2007, the family was left without a creative force. So mom and daughter decided to do Clara proud by creating artsy handbags sewn by hand. They are decorated with vintage accents like buttons or pins from Clara's collection.

The Clara's Closet line then grew to include home decor items like soft pillows. The pillows are called "Pillows with a Purpose" as a portion of the proceeds go to Alzheimer's research. Sallianne then started adding her handmade softie animals to the collection and also vintage finds like perfume bottles and other vintage wares. The selection is always changing.

Sallianne and her son, Joey
Sallianne not only makes gorgeous items, but she blogs too! I had a read of her blog and thoroughly enjoyed it! She certainly has a way with words.
The Clara's Closet Blog celebrates a new artisan or home crafter with each entry. The Norelli ladies both believe in cheering other artists on as well as giving back to the community.
Please visit Sallianne's wonderful shop and show this fabulous Etsy seller the support she deserves. My nan had Alzheimer's, so I think it is wonderful that we have sellers like Sallianne who raise awareness and give support to such charities.


  1. Amy--You are simply the best! Thank you for the lovely writeup!! When Tiny arrives, I will send over a hug from him!

  2. Wonderful write up. Clara's Closet has such wonderful unique merchandise!
    Blessings from Seattle WA, USA