Monday, 17 October 2011

Flirty Florals!

I have fallen for florals this Autumn!!
Here are my newest floral dolly-dresses:

Both are available here ^_^

And of course I want to introduce you to my newest girl, who I think is totally adorable! She is a Dollfie Dream, medium bust. I'd wanted one of these cuties since spying one on a fellow Dolly-Forum dweller's avatar. I saw those beautiful anime eyes and had to ask which ball-jointed beauty she was displaying. Of course when I heard that she was a Dollfie Dream I went straight to ebay. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw just how expensive they were - goodbye dreams of owning a DD. No matter how much money I save, I doubt I will ever be able to justify paying 1.000 + GBP!!
As I was browsing Flickr oneday, I saw this beautiful DD head for sale at a very reasonable price. With a LOT of kind help from the seller, I learnt that the expensive DDs I had seen on ebay were priced so highly because they are limited edition dolls. She helped me to locate a body, and all in all my gorgeous girl cost less than my Minifee - not bad considering she is a gorgeous 60cm (when I opened my first BJD - a puki - I swore I would never go bigger than a Minifee *sigh*)

She is still nameless, but I think she will settle for Sayuri. I like a name to mean something, and 'Sayuri' means 'Little Lily' in Japanese. I am 4'11 tall and my last name is 'Lilley', so there is a little significance there >_<

Well, here she is:

Outfit, as ever, by me and available here
Thank you so much for your visit xx

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