Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Girl

oooh, I've don't it again! I've just bought another doll! I wasn't exactly an impulse buy, I've been watching her on eBay for a while and her price was good compared to other sellers' prices (also the seller was in the UK - take that customs!). Well, her auction was ending last night and I decided to place a bid whilst I was on the train (before it went underground and all hope was lost). I checked my emails when I got home and I'd 'won' her *booohyahh!!* *happy dances*. Of course this 'winning' still meant that I had to pay, so I am now officially skint again. But my doll family is expanding, along with my smile :P Any guesses as to who she is??

Who's That Girl?

Other news :)
I found the cutest fabric ever!! I am usually NOT a huge fan of Disney's Marie, but give her a kawaii twist, lots of pink, and print her on fabric - and I am converted! Throw is a few (kitty shaped!!!!) macaroons to seal the deal and I'm sold!

Marie Fabric Close-up

The fabric came so quickly and I made this dress with it:

Disney Marie Dress

I also made this star dress, I think it looks so cute on Celeste ^_^

Star Dress

Both dresses are available in my shop:

And last, but by no means least, I made this critter for the most amazing swap with a very special friend:

For Wiebke

I hope you like my recent makes >_<

Thank you for looking xx

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