Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hey Evereyone, it's been a while since I've done a giveaway, and I'd like to do one now to celebrate the arrival of my new doll!!

She will be here sometime next week, but I'd like to run this giveaway until Nov 20th :)

The prize will be your choice of the following:

                                          Daisy Chain Headband:

                               Sugar Sweet Floral Bow Ring (I can also make this as a hairclip if you'd prefer)

Leopard Print Bow Ring (or Hairclip if you'd prefer)

Cute Kitty Button Bow Ring

If you are a dolly lover, you can choose to have the bow made as a hairclip for your doll :)

And now for .... the RULES
♥ Visit my shop and post your favourite item in the comments box here (please also post your email addy so that I can contact you)
♥ Follow this blog

Additional Entries:
♥ Become my fan on Facebook (1 additional entry)
♥ Visit my other shops and post your favourite item here (1 additonal entry per shop visited)
♥ Add my Etsy shops to your favourites (1 additional entry)
♥ For doll lovers: guess who my new doll is (3 additonal entries and a 50% discount in any of my shops for the person who guesses correctly!)

PLEASE REMEMBER to include your email address with your entry so that I can contact you if you are the winner. Winner will be selected at RANDOM on Nov 20th

If you want to play 'guess the new doll' to win a 50% discount and 3 additional entries, rules are as follows:
♥ Game closes when I announce my new girl here next week
♥ You may ask questions (which I will answer here) but you are only allowed to guess the doll once. Please ask questions on the 'comments' box of the previous post titled 'New Girl'. It could get mighty crowded here otherwise!!
♥ Additional entries will be awarded once you make your one and only guess (not each time you ask a question)
♥ Prize will be awarded to the first person who guesses: company, doll, and type/ mould
♥ If noone guesses all three correctly, the prize will be awarded to the person who has the closest guess (company and doll at least)
♥ If I've already told you, sorry you can't play :( But good news because this means that I really love you ;)
♥ Don't expect this doll to be in my Flickr faves, that's dirty rotten cheating (yes, you shall be forgiven)

... Let's play! ;)



    Fave from your main shop :)

    Fave from doll clothing shop

    PANDAAAS! Fave from shop :)

    I followed your blog, liked your Facebook page as Amanda Suzuki and faved all your Etsy shops under shop "mandyscharms"

    My email is

    I won't guess the doll yet! I'm terrible with dolls.

  2. Oh my! I've been eyeing this for weeks:
    <3 Now I just need the money...Blegh!

    Favorite from your main shop:

    From the other shop:

    Faved you on all your Etsy shops as Animethemed!
    You're facebook link wouldn't work for me...

    My email is

    I would need a bit more info. to even attempt to guess the doll hehe.

  3. these are just darling!

  4. i follow your blog!

  5. i like your page on facebook!

  6. my guess is it is a Blythe doll!

    gfc va

    tumblemumbo at

  8. liked fb page / ana amanti

    tumblemumbo at

    amy lilley

    teacup teddies

  11. added teacup teddies to my faves / squirrel33
    tumblemumbo at

    cute and colorful shops !

  12. Your shop has such cool stuffs! I absolutely love this little necklace

    Oh and here is my email

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  14. Hi, sorry to bother you, but is there any way you could delete my post above? Apparently the spam bots are smart, and now I'm getting tons of spam. :(