Thursday, 17 November 2011

Disney Princesses!

I recently found this amazing Japanese import fabric and thought it would make such cute accessories! I have always loved the Disney princesses, and I was so excited when I saw these kawaii versions! I think that Belle is my favourite Disney princess by far! I love how intelligent she is (when I was younger I tried to learn to read whilst walking to be like her!!!). She is also my favourite because I believe that, out of all of the 'perfect', Disney matches, hers is the most 'genuine'. She loves her prince truly for who he is, and not because he is super handsome, wealthy, or because he saves her from some terrible, undeserved fate (although one could interpret major character-flaws in anyone who falls in love with an actual beast!). *sigh* I love how they grow to love one another *sigh*. I'm reading Jane Eyre at the moment, and it has turned me into a romantic-fantasist! I feel like watching Disney movies now *hehe*
 I hope you like my new collection :)

They are available to buy here

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  1. Those are some damn cute rings! I love love love Jane Eyre, it's probably one of my favourite classics :)