Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Shoes

Last week, Pandora and I both got new shoes!
I had a wedding to go to, so my lovely hubby bought me these shoes from Dorothy Perkins:

They are a gorgeous metallic gold and went really well with the metallic gold dress that I wore them with :)
I also wore this headband from my shop, which I think added a lovely finishing touch :)

I do regret that I didn't get a picture of my outfit *sigh* I was just in such a rush, and don't really like pictures of myself anyway >_<

Pandora got new shoes too!! They were sent to us as a trade from one of my lovely friends :)
They are from Nine9Style, and I cannot believe how detailed and stylish they are! They photograph perfectly! This picture actually made it onto Explore (on Flickr), which was a lovely surprise!

And here is one more shot of them because they are just so fabulous!

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  1. I had a wedding last week too! Though my shoes weren't nearly as nice lol. I love those nine9 style boots, I've been debating getting a pair myself. I'm just not sure who'd wear them.