Saturday, 10 December 2011

Virnando Agassi Photography

One of the things I love best about designing accessories is the amazing, creative people I have been fortunate to work with and get to know, even call friends!
One of these people is Virnando Agassi (known on Flickr as Agassi).
He took so many fantastic shots for my shop and even showed me how to edit-in the floral background. Thank you so much Agassi!

I will be adding new items from this shoot to my shop over the next week, but here is a preview, some of my favourites ;)

                                                     Black Bow Hairclips

                                                             Black and Fushia Floral Bow Clips

                                                                Lace Butterfly Headband

                                                       Pink Leopard Headband

                                                               Champagne Lace Headband

I am so inspired by Agassi's beautiful photography, that I asked him to do an interview for my blog :)

Me: How did you get into photography?Agassi: At first, I loved seeing models in magazines, their fashion and style made me want become a photographer and capture their photos..and then, I went to Photography and Graphic design college to study photography ^^
Me: How would you describe your style?Agassi: Colorful but soft, vintage and natural :)
Me: What inspires you?Agassi: Photos in Fashion Magazine,and my dolls :D

Me: And what advice would you give other budding photographers?Agassi: Composition in your photo is the important thing, so you need to balance color, light and the object to make the perfect photo, and I learnt a lot of photography lessons from searching Tutorials and videos about Photography on the Internet , there so many lesson sand tutorials you can get!

Please stop by Agassi's Flickr Stream to see more of his inspirational work.

Thank you so much for reading :)

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